18 March 2008

The east wind sighs, the fine rains come.

"Brutus, thou sleeps’t. Awake. Brutus, thou sleeps’t. Awake." - William Shakespeare

The above comes from an anonymous letter (actually written by Cassius) to Brutus, in the play Julius Caesar, warning him of the dangers of his obliviousness in a time of great political turmoil. The same might be addressed to us, now.

You are sleeping. Awake.

A certain candidate for President (who shall henceforth go nameless) has been running adverts warning of the perils inherent in voting for a "less experienced" candidate, relying on the old standby - fear - to carry her message, intimating that, were one to vote for, say, Barack Obama, the Iraqis would come to this country and feast upon the brains of our babies. And, just like the Rove bilge of the past seven years, they have been successful.

Why are Democrats falling for the same tactics that helped George Bush win two elections? Why should fear trump hope and intelligence?

That being said, Barack is comfortably ahead and, unless the Democrats incapacitate themselves (as they are wont to do) and reverse the will of the voting mass, should win the Democratic Party’s nomination. And, that being said, I have no problem with anyone voting for Hillary, provided they do so on the issues, and provided that they do so because they like what she stands for.

That being said...I will endeavor to update more often. I am leaving for southern climes on Saturday, and may (or may not) drop an opaque line about rain in the country and squalls and all that, so check back. And vote, in Indiana, on May 6th. And stop letting fear dictate your decision-making.

And buy the new Brazzaville album, one of the best I’ve ever heard.
And g’night.


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