22 October 2007

Follow the lighted promendade...

Just thought I'd stop in and say hello while I drink coffee, put off grading papers, and look out over breathtaking autumn skies.

I feel a bit crunched because the papers have accumulated faster than I can grade them. I'm teaching three different classes for the first time ever, and have just returned from a trip to rural Oregon (Kurt and Betty's wedding) and a field trip (three of my last six days out of class) and there's been little enough room for breath. Tonight, I'll go to a coffee shop with rainy windows, sigh wistfully, and eat into the pile. And a muffin.

I am trying to set up a show with my friend Bo at the Coffee Fixx, a really cool coffee shop in north Chicago. I've played an open mic night there, and thought it'd be fun to play another show, and with someone this time. I dropped off our "demo" CD there yesterday, and am anxiously awaiting a response.

I've also finished a novel, and am working on editing it, and hope to send it out to my reader friends by the end of the month for they, no doubt, are awaiting it with baited breath.

And I applied for graduate school at Purdue. Things feel up in the air, in a good way.

Let's see...cabin @ Shakamak this week with Patricia (awesome), then Paul's party. If I can get out from behind my wall of paper, then all will be well and all manner of thing shall be well.

And for those of you wondering: Patricia and I are working on thank you cards for the wedding. We both feel terrible, after so many people did so much for us, that we've yet to express our gratitude. We are very grateful - we just didnt want to half-ass the cards, and we've both been weirdly busy for a long time.

Jeremy and Meredith are doing well; they just had a new babbit named Erica, who is long and cute and stinky. I met her last month, but I dont think she'll remember me.

Tonight, I'll listen to the new radiohead album in the car, and watch the autumn fall.

These posts are like roadsigns - very indicitative of where I am at the time of writing. I should post more.


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