12 January 2002

I feel that I am peaking, casting aside all of the garbage and mental filth that I had been stewing in - and emerging. I'm gonna be alright. How are you? The future is in my hands, eh Neil, with too many distractions for me to understand. I found "Broken Arrow" yesterday, the cd that always gets me energized and thinking of renewal.
Went to see Amelie, a glorious French film, on Thursday - at Sarah's behest. Amazing! I am going to see it again. It cast a weird sort of spell, perhaps because it is so far removed from the Hollywood, blockbuster, claptrap formulaic banality. Watching it refreshed me, made me think that there is more out there, other than the endless run of teen-comedy clones. That being said, American Pie 2 comes out Tuesday. :)
I've spent a little money this week, but I haven't been out to eat since Sunday. If you know anything about me, you know that this is quite an accomplishment. I am the man.
Forgive the choppiness of this post. I am writing without the muse. I'm not sure where the hell she went, so this is just me. Hee-um-hee. (Theme from "Deliverance" playing in the background.) I wash myself with a rag on a stick. :))
Go Bears! Has this not been an amazing season? Let it not end soon.
Peace and much love (in most cases.)
I really didn't mean to stay as long as I have/ so I'll be movin' on.NY


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