29 January 2007

I'm sorry for my lack of recent posts. I've rather enjoyed being reclusive. I've been reading Aku Aku by Thor Heyerdahl, and am more on Easter Island than I am here.
Anyway, I've posted a few pictures from our trip to Key West below. I didnt know how to change the date on the digital camera...

The pool and balcony are Ernest Hemingway's...

I'm working on the trip account. If you want to read it, e-mail me.


At 4:23 PM, Blogger johnf.haslett said...

Dear Dan,

I wonder if you'd be interested in reading "Voyage of the ManteƱo"? It is my account of how I built a series of rafts, including the "Illa-Tiki," sister ship of the "Kon-Tiki," and voyaged on the open sea aboard those vessels.

It has just come out (St. Martin's Press, Dec. 06), and I am of course trying to promote it.

Hope to hear from you. Cheers,

John Haslett


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