07 June 2006

And with a bow, I take my leave.

Another end of another year. They are flowing like water now. There's a bittersweetness to this that I find ultimately very poetic.

Anything to add a few lines to the book of longing.

I'm leaving in a few days, and will crisscross the country listening to jazz. I've lain and ached for travel, for Patricia...but I've also been so comfortable alone, in my room, dozing to the drone of fans. Writing has again burst like a rocket, like a blurry dream. My novel is progressing very well. I have longing, but no complaints.

I got to see a few old friends over the past few weeks (Jeremy, Jeremy, Herbie) - this is becoming increasingly rare; we're like ships. And now that I'm moving to Chicago, it may be ever more rare. Or not. Who knows?


At 5:06 PM, Blogger larry said...

Hi Dan,
Happy birthday to a man who loves the same girl, only I'm the father. I've read your postings and think you might be the only kindred spirit i've ever met that matches my Patty. Keep up the good work. Larry Ornett

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You didn't see me! Remember that! And once again, don't mention my name on this thing. Big Brother is watching, and those damn aliens again.


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