09 February 2006

I am quite convinced that The Handsome Family may well be the best band in the world. And, I am going to see them on Saturday (at the Old Town School of Folk Music)...and, I just finished a story inspired by one of their songs, and I asked Rennie Sparks (of said Handsome Family) if she wanted to read it - and she said yes. So I shipped all 19,000 words of it to her.

There's something draining in writing like I did on that story ("Don't Be Scared'). I wrote in ferocious bursts, and got deep down where the characters breathed and I could smell their skin. Sometimes writing is just like that, a Roman Candle, a spangling, glittery detonation, that leaves one spent, conscious of a peripheral darkness (increased awareness perhaps?).

I'm almost done with Kon Tiki and can't believe how good that is. This world is such an achingly gorgeous place, though we shit all over it. She's indomitable, though. She'll be here long after all us humans blow each other up.

In just over a week, I'll be meeting Patricia in Seattle. I'm not sure if we'll build a raft and sail to Paku Paku yet, but we'll see.

So there's some news on my end.

Listen to the Handsome Family! Especially "Amelia Earhart and the Dancing Bear," and "Weightless Again." How can they make darkness sound so damn beautiful and inspiring?

Goodnight, my scattered friends.


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