15 November 2005

Way over yonder in the minor key -

It's raining on my windows, and I am drinking coffee (remnants of my lunch break). Just thought I'd say hello to the online community (Hey yerself, Colleen!) and gather my far-flung thoughts together.

Patricia came to visit earlier this month, and she got to meet many of my jackass friends. We stayed in the Allegro in Chicago again, and went to Navy Pier, and ate in a few nice restaurants, and just hung out with everyone. She got to see a thunderstorm (very cool). There was a great vibe to things. Jeremy and Meredith and Zack came all the way up from Purdue to meet us for lunch in the city, and Adam and Herbie got a room at the hotel and stayed the night, and Chris and Amy rode the train (something they've never been wild about). I have the greatest friends. Patricia was struck with how truly genuine and happy everyone was.

And then we came home to Millsville - walked around Wicker Park and hung out with my family, etc... What a great weekend.

Since then, I've been writing prolifically (finally finished the trip account - 55,000 words! - and just began the first of three short stories) and riding everywhere (even in 30 degree temps) and teaching and reading. I feel kicked into high gear in everything. Everything has a resonance about it, a sense of consequence. I think it stems from being open, being in love - and feeling in total control of my life. That's what it is. I like it.

Tonight: Writing, a conversation with the lovely San Franciscan girl, perhaps a bath, and then a movie (Turtles Can Fly).

Pants shant be involved.

Has anyone else noticed that Sideways is the greatest movie of all time?


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