03 November 2004

Did you hear the first trumpet?
Might as well be the last.
Many more will have to die.
Many more will have to cry.
Don't ask me why.
-Bob Marley

November 2, 2004: The Day of the Dead.


At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't listen to what others always have to say. You sound so fascinating and deep. Do you know the sound of water trickling from rocks and landing on to a deep pool of water with the echoes of the drops bouncing off the cave walls? That is what it is like reading your blog. I see the water and rocks and I hear the 'drip-DRUP' but in a place like that I always wonder how the water gets there through the rocks and how deep the pool is.

Words are beautiful. Like musical notes. Unlike sounds, words are limited, though. You have a talent and for a reason I do not even know, you inspire me. God bless whoever you are!


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