12 August 2002

The sunset fled behind the trees, a radiant red amidst the green. Adam and I sit on the bleachers. The corn is very high in August. I have a moment watching the sun set among the swelling horizon clouds, one of those times when you just feel so alive that nothing matters anywhere. I've had more moments this year than in any other in recent memory. I remember
a wee-hours kiss in the Turkey Run Inn.
listening to "Mutations" and driving a stick in Alabama.
talking of big things in a London coffee shop with art on the walls.
hearing the April winds sing through the screens.
riding through an unexpected downpour on the Erie-Lackawana.
seeing the sunset through the skylights at Kickapoo...a bathroom moment.
passing through Tyler where I breathed my first.
watching the wind run through the soybeans in waves off to the horizon, exploring a new bike trail.

And this weekend. A late night walk. Perkins. Hitting a homer into the corn. Watching a fledgling thunderstorm move over The Field. A cool pizza place. Hiking on the Backbone (last time I'd been there I was very down.) Listing to "Mermaid Avenue" at night, on a lonely stretch of road, full of bends and stars.

And I went to the fair. Sarah and I held hands, and that made me happy, because I am just a county fair guy.


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