01 July 2002

There has been much afoot my friends and much continues to be afoot. I just got back from camping with Sarah at Kickapoo State Park in central Illinois. 'Twas quite invigorating despite the heat, and Sarah and I hiked 9 miles or so on Saturday. My favorite parts of the trip were the evenings. When we first arrived, we pitched our tent in the deep gloaming, awaiting the arrival of Matt, Michelle, Katrina, Kevin, and Myranda and had some time to breathe in the smells of the bedding down campground and the approaching darkness. Then everyone arrived and (after a long, eerie and quite unfortunate walk) we ate dinner by firelight and I played guitar, much to the delight of the drunkard next to us. Then the heat came in and sat, heavy handed and toplofty and impressive, unending, until...well, it ain't left yet. So much of the trip was spent sweating and swimming through delirium. Sarah and I played the Bear Game a lot (or rather I played it.) And we hiked and contemplated canoeing and ate interesting food with Vanilla Cokes beneath a canopy of floppy, heat-spent leaves and then shrunk from the roaring conflagaration that I insisted on to prove my manhood and then showered, refreshing for nearly 12 whole minutes. Then I sweated away to sleep beneath hazy starry skies in the arms of the girl that I love. We drove home yesterday and talked the whole way, great friends and explorers. Overall it was really fun, but I'm a mite camped out.
Thursday I played an open mike night at the muse and it went well. I didn't forget any of the lyrics and got a nice ovation and an open-ended invitation from the owner to come back. And lots of nods from teenager hippies who thought I was "cool, man." I played one Neil Young song (Field of Opportunity) and three originals, including my Sarah-inspired opus about Madagascar. A world tour looms.
Tomorrow I leave for Texas with Chris, to a city north of Houston. I'm excited to be travelling, but I've not been away from Sarah for very long, ever, and now I will be. So I'll of course miss her, but it will be fun to hit the road again, see the state of my concieving and spawning, hopefully get some work done on the novel. And when I get back I'll maul her to death or something.
Tonight: Writing group meeting and time with Sarah Jean.


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