29 May 2002

It's nice riding in the early morning, especially when it's as humid as it is today. I get loose quickly and feel...what's the word I'm looking for? Consequential is about as good as I can do at this early hour. I'm still shaky and off-kilter because I had a dream that I was going to be killed by a bear (it was going to maul me) and I woke up feeling like I had just escaped a mauling. Then on my otherwise groovy bike ride, a dog came running after me and was actually nipping at my heels. I don't want to be mauled. I probably rode faster than I ever have, tho. It was a big dog. What I want to know is: if you own a volatile, unpredictable dog, WHY wouldn't you be extra sure to keep him where he can't kill people?

I took a long ride yesterday and got stuck in a pretty heavy downpour that lasted about 5 minutes. It was really awesome, I felt like a real lunatic flying through the rain like that, passing people who were walking their dogs and rollerblading and looking like they would have rather been anywhere else. 'Twas a great ride overall. And then the evening was so summer-beautiful that I had to take a walk, on the same road I used to take walks on with my grandmother on similar evenings, the evenings that just stretch out when time turns taffied and the night doesn't advance but rather settles in. And then I went home.
Today: Write a story about a surfing robot for my writing group on Saturday.


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