12 November 2001

It's a Monday and I don't feel bad. It's sunny, I slept off a very good weekend, and I've accomplished everything that I've needed to do for the day - and the clock is yet to strike 11.
It's been ages since I've written, not because I've had nothing to say, but rather because I've had too much to say, and lacked the mental capacity and the digital control to set about putting it down.
I saw two great movies over the weekend. I finally got Sarah to watch "O Brother, Where Art Thou," which we both enjoyed, even though we were swimming through a weird, late-night lethargy. And "Hobgoblins," an achingly beautiful look at the lives of studio night watchmen and their friends who fight to keep the world safe from an unspeakable evil from outer space. Heehee. And we played games with Leesa and Coleen until the wee hours on Saturday. Titanic the board game. If you had any doubts...
I wrote a song last night...a very simple little ditty that I like quite a bit. I must set about putting words to it and putting it down on tape. Whatever.
I've been oddly productive lately - dealing with work long before it is due, in some cases a whole day before. :) My grades, with the exception on linguistics, are all in the A range. And next semester, I have 2 literature courses and a really cool review writing course and...that's it. Gettin' near the end. This has been a tough semester work wise, but I feel more and more lately that not only can I handle it, but I can excel. It's a good feeling.
I do feel a little trapped by my schedule and monetary situation, but I must accept this as the consequences of the decisions I've made. I have to find fun in the moment, and I really am trying, although that is against my nature. I do want to jump ship for a week or so and roll to the bayou, listening to Creedence and pounding my steering wheel. It just be nice to not have to wash my hair every day, but I can wait. It'll be more special because of the wait.
Right now I'm rollin' down the open road and the daylight will soon be breakin'.NY
So much to write, but my back hurts and I'm not feeling creative enough to continue.
Make some noise today.
Don't be afraid to go too far, 'cause sucess lies just beyond.


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