25 October 2001

I watched the movie, "The Elephant Man" last night on AMC. For those who don't know the story, John Merrick (the Elephant Man) was a hideously disfigured sideshow attraction in London during the latter 1800's. He was mistreated horribly for the duration of his life - until he befriended a doctor who saw through all his surface flaws. John Merrick was a lover of literature and the theatre, a true gentleman, and something in the story - perhaps his indomitable will, his genuine, almost childlike curiosity, or his overwhelming decency and goodness in the face of such abject cruelty - really tugged at my heart.
Look people in the eyes, don't be denied. Sometimes beauty lurks in the most improbable places.

Lugubrious is the word of the day. It means almost ludicrous melancholia.
Pop that one at your next party.
Kee-RIPES! What happened to the weather?


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