02 October 2001

I have neglected to write. It seems that I've had much to say but no energy to say it. Well, here goes.
Today has been good. My test was cancelled, one that I was only moderately prepared for, so that was good. The sky is an impossible blue, the temp. is a sweet 80, and I've a hankerin' to do some hiking.
I ate lunch with April, a girl I met recently. She is an engineering major, a complete left brainer, so our conversations seem oddly complete - two sides of the same subject. Afterwards we just wandered around marvelling at the sky and the huge block of free time we had.
I talked to Rhonda who took a huge step in flushing out the sadness that has plagued her for so long. It is wonderful to see that strength in a person. She is kinda mad, but that is an improvement over her sadness. (He'll help put the "u" in improuvement. Any Simpsons fans will laugh loudly at that one.)
Yesterday, I had a frustrated day, but it picked up at the end. I talked to Dave and Sarah about music for awhile and then scurried home to make a pizza, do laundry, and immediately fall asleep. That's why it was good my test was cancelled today. :)
Sarah, Herbie (who's sitting on computer up from me) and I went camping over the weekend. Despite alternator trouble and my overall lack of concern about dealing with any problems, I had a great time. I got to hike, sleep in a tent, play guitar, make fires, play guitar, laugh, and sing (while accompanying myself on guitar.) It was an intense couple of days, but I managed to relax and have an amazing experience of it. It was tough adjusting to the rigors of school again (hence the frustrated day) but it was worthwhile overall. And yes, Sarah actually hiked. Wow. ;)

For those of you who care (and sadly there are a few) my sideburns are back! No more Tom Green comments for me. Who cares, anyway?

Adam started student teaching yesterday. He should post a journal about the hell that he is going through. It is almost comical. Oh wait, I know him...It IS comical. Several of his students have prior drug convictions and the teacher has given up on them...already! I'll send ya some Goldschlager when I get the chance.

I haven't much to say. Things are good and bad, strikes and gutters.
Splits and spares.
(I didn't curse, Joe. Are you proud?)


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