27 August 2001

So much to write...no patience. My semester starts today. I can't say what I feel about that just now. There's a nervous excitement, but also a ton of apprehension. One day at a time - one MOMENT at a time. Don't get bogged down. Enjoy what comes my way.
Man, I feel different. I've got myself back and have found fun in the littlest things lately; watching old home movies, learning simple new tunes on the guitar, playing with Aspen and Brian Lee. The Cubs are awesome! I want them to win so badly. Yesterday was great. Bo wants to start a band, Stegosaurus. Oh, that sounds great. We make magic together, unlistenable though it may be. Loud, release, Prisoners of Rock and Roll.
Sarah said something extraordinarily profound on Saturday (admist the 'I'm soooo tireds' and 'What is wrong with us?') that I don't think I adequately replied to. She said that she felt like part of the group that everyone envies at restaurants. That is so cool! I feel the same way. We've just got it figured out. My friends now are the best I've ever had. We are all nerdy introverts with no desire to sell ourselves. It's a very honest, no frills kind of exchange, and I love it very much.
Changing highways, shifting gears. There's something afoot, as I've been saying. One day at a time, comprende?
"You might fool the scheduling committee, but you don't fool The Jesus." :)


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