06 August 2001

Feel wortwhile, challenged, pent-up, ultra-creative, alone, surrounded by friends, hopeful, despondent.

Why do so many people live in such agony? There is so much unhappiness surrounding me, people really trying to stay up in the face of unfrontable sadness. Wow. There had better be a reason for all of this.

I'm off to see Radiohead in Akron, Ohio with Sarah. This is her first trip in quite awhile, and I feel very flattered that she trusts me enough to go on such a journey. She has shown me a lot as I've gotten to know her better. It is really heartening to see someone face their fears head-on, rather than simply ignoring them and sinking beneath them. I will be sure to write a concert review - Radiohead as seen through the eyes of a dancing moron. :) Yippee.

Went down to Purdue over the weekend, had the usual great time, lots of laughs, insults, generaly nerdy goofiness. Adam D. just moved into his new apartment and is facing the prospect of living alone. He will make it. He'll probably love it when he realizes he no longer has to clean up after Glowacki (whom we did a little moving for. :) ) Saw Randy and Denise (always a pleasure) and took two very long walks alone through some of my old haunts.

My semester is over. I haven't got anything left. Look at the level of writing here - is this an eight graders page? Somedays I am just not intoxicated with the preponderance of my own verbosity, preferring instead to peel down to the basest feelings I have, tossing the internal Thesaurus aside in the process.
But thankfully, my cerebral capacity knows no satiety. (Homer Simpson said something of this nature.) Ha ha ha!
Better writing when I'm not so shorted out!
"We were watching TV, watching TV
In Tienamen's Square/ Lost my baby there
My Yellow Rose, in her blood stained clothes
She was a short-order pastry chef in a Dim-Sung dive on the Yangtzee tideaway
She had shiny hair, she was the daughter of an engineer
Won't you shed a tear, for my Yellow Rose?"
Got quoting these Roger Waters lyrics last night...If you're not moved but his writing, you are a cyborg (or just mean.)


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