20 July 2001

Tom Petty tonight. :):):):):)
I am gonna post once when I feel bad, just to temper all of this optimistic, poetic crap. It's just whenever I feel bad I retreat to my room and play guitar or drive to Alberta or something like that. I shun the computer. So you'll have to put up with it (or not...you could stop reading.)
The Cubs are gonna mop the floor with the Astros! Boom boom boom boom.
I feel like a little kid. I've been wearing my emotions on my sleeve for awhile and that gets tiring, but mostly I have been happy. I've fixed my bike. I have taken to walking unimaginable distances into the late twilight. (Last night I topped 5 miles down an old rail corridor near my house.) I can't put down my guitar. (I learned to play Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills, and Nash.) I've been hanging out with Sarah who always manages to improve my mood - no matter how good or bad (even if she is allergic to walking.) :) I talked to Kati and Jeremy and planned backpacking trips for next month. Drool! God, that makes me happy. "Gonna leave the pain behind."
There is still some down left in me, but I'm moving on. I've got a handle on my semester and my grades have been through the roof. Like Tom sung in "Billy the Kid": "I went down hard, yeah, but I got up again." And if I do go down, it's gonna be swingin'.


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