01 June 2001

I haven't posted in awhile. There's a certain darkness about things right now. It's not a depression, just a darkness. My friend Matt adequately described it as feeling "meek, dark, and drab." Sometimes you need to be something other than happy to break the monotony.
The Cubs are in 1st place, winners of 10 in a row. That makes me very happy.
The new Radiohead album comes out next week. I have heard it a couple of times and have been profoundly moved. All of my friends like them so at first I was reluctant to take the plunge, but I now see why all of my friends like them. Wilco's new one comes out soon, too.
Look for my letter to the editor in the local papers soon. I basically sounded off on Mr. Bush's plan to drill for oil and natural gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. My friend Liz, who's a really great writer, also wrote (or is writing?) a column about that. Fight the power!
"It's a perfect day to lock yourself inside." - Beck
Peace and love (and only occasionally darkness.)


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