04 June 2001

Full of midnight and ghosts
Hopeful dreams fade like searchlights on the coast
I've loved a lot of people but I've loved you the most
I feel the cold sand beneath me
Full of midnight and ghosts
I need a camping trip, bad. Where is summer? It feels like Marzo outside, blustery and empty, only now there is no promise of great things to come; this IS what was promised.
Aspen, my one year old niece, is very sick. She has pneumonia and a throat infection, and yesterday her temperature hit 104.8. I feel so bad for her. She's so little and can't comprehend why she hurts.
I watched "The Green Mile" on Saturday night, probably the best anti-death penalty movie I've ever seen. I never escape that one dry-eyed. And speaking of great movies, on June 12th, "O Brother, Where Art Thou" comes out. I saw it three times in the theatres and can't wait to see it again.
I've been runnin' for all my years/ and I used to be miles ahead
But I've lost my race with lonliness/ and tonight she shares my bed.
I'm off to ride home on this windy June eve. I'm a million miles from summer and 13 miles from home.
Hope you all liked my uplifting poetry. :)
Take it all one day at a time.


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