11 May 2001

No backpacking this weekend, kids. My homie Jeremy came down with a Biblical case of poison ivy: the trip is postponed indefinately, but certainly will happen. I've been to 19 states this year - I'll just have to wait to pad that total.
I finished my semester yesterday (yeah!!!!!!) but have had the worst 24 hour run of luck. My mood is still unfazed, though. I'm going hiking all day tomorrow, then...who knows. Purdue? We'll see.
"When that fat old sun in the sky is falling/ Summer evening birds are calling
Distant bells, new mown grass smells so sweet
By the river, holding hands, draw me up and lay me down
And if you see don't make a sound
Make you feel above the ground
And if you hear as the warm night falls
A silver sound from a time so strange
Sing to me, sing to me." - David Gilmour


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