22 May 2001

I've spent my days lost, amazed, spiraling down thru directionless haze. What a vibe I am feeling today! Last night, I met some friends at the Steer. I wasn't feeling overly socialable at first, but they instantly (as usual) broke down my barriers. I wasn't feeling bad by any stretch, just pensive. You guys are awesome.
Sarah and I then went for a walk around Wicker Park. Walking beneath the overlapping branches of cottonwoods and oaks through the deepest gloaming is something that I'll never tire of.
Sarah is poised on the verge of greatness. She is such a creative spirit and is bursting with ideas. She, like a lot of us, just needs to get past the doubts and distractions, and just do it, just live it. I have faith that she will.
Sorry if I haven't been very responsive via e-mail lately. I spend as little time in front of this box as I can, now that I have that freedom. Don't take it personally! If I were a good man, I'd understand the spaces between friends. (Roger Waters) I'm doing my own thing now, walking my own road. But I'll keep ya'll posted.
Anyone can love a mountain, but it takes soul to love a prarie.
I rode my bike to Michigan City on Saturday. Riding has sort of become a compulsion (if not an obsession.) My goal this summer is a ride to Purdue (West Lafayette.) I think I'll make it.
Maybe there'll be some backpacking this weekend.
Maybe I should get back to work.
Take a walk tonight. You might be surprised at how beautiful this world still is. :)


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