05 May 2001


I know that this is a very bare-bones post, but I wanted nothing fancy. I'm more interested in just having an outlet so I can say some of the bigger things that fill my cerebrum.
Finals are coming and I should be studying and typing a 15 page Neil Young (ahem...Shakespeare) paper but the muse hasn't shown up yet, so I've yet to embark. Something about facing the last minute pressure has always appealed to me.
This has been a very up and down semester, with many opportunities for me to get really neurotic, but taking stock, I feel better now than at the conclusion of any other semester in recent memory. I am going to Arkansas backpacking with my friends Jeremy and Lisa next Friday, and that makes me so happy that I think I'm gonna cry. :)
I am awake. I am noticing the subtleties. This world is almost incomprehensibly beautiful, but in times past I've failed to take notice. But that has changed. I am awake. I have always felt that I should kinda tone down my enthusiasm or temper my optimism to avoid rubbing people who don't share my vision the wrong way. But why? I ain't gonna do it. They will have to accept me or not. And that is the truly beautiful thing. I don't care. :) Take it or leave it.
I'm singing as I always do. Unaccompanied. And that is just fine.


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